About On Sense and Nonsense

IMG-6536I’m probably a lot like you–defined by a lot of things and in a lot of ways. I’ve worn many hats and have had a lot of identities. But I’m currently a mom who’s recently moved her family from Sunny Sarasota, Florida to live in the hillsides of Northern England.

Our life is completely new. I’d perhaps liken it to a new pair of shoes … chosen specifically and well suited, but maybe rubbing a few blisters while we break them in.

I’m also a writer. And not one that you can tuck nicely into a niche. Show me a round hole, and I’ll become a square peg. Show me a square hole, I’ll be a triangle. Show me a triangle and then maybe I’ll go ahead and be round. I cant help it much. I tend to be easy to get along with, but I’m also easily bored.

I descend from two types of grandfathers:

One who says “Show me a rut and I’ll make a bed in it.”


One who says “Show me a rut and I’ll show you a grave.”

In me that translates to something along the lines of “Show me adventure but let me make a nest along the way.” And that’s me, I suppose. I’m always up for something new, but if we’re going eat on a stump in the wilderness, let me stick a vase of flowers on it and sort our adventuring paraphernalia into labeled organizing bins.

Personality types A and B war inside me at all times in equal strengths and while it can be exhausting, it’s also allowed me to live a very full and radiant life filled with excitement and new ideas and an ever-changing course, with color codes and thorough lists–all those OCD things that help to make life cozy. Certain uncertainty. Squeaky clean chaos. That’s the world around me. 

I think my greatest revelation happened somewhere near 40, when I began to realize there is space in the world for all sorts of people. Including people like me who aren’t easily defined by personality types and career assessments. And the even more liberating concept: you don’t necessarily have to change who are you are to fit your environment. Sometimes you just have to change your environment.

I have no idea what this blog will become. For now it’s just a catch-net for my thoughts while I comment on life—which is honestly the most authentic and natural thing in the world, to me.  The hilarious, the outrageous, the inspiring and the motivating lie in wait around every corner. I love to watch the world around me and make my own sense of it, so that’s what you’ll find here. My observations and whether I think they’re sensible or nonsensical, from my very new seat in the audience, here among the exhilarating drizzle of Yorkshire, England.

Also, I’m freezing, but it’s fine. I packed at least 19 pieces of base-layer and lots of gloves. Because #prepared.

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