I Have a “Man Cold”

You know that scene from Home Alone, where Kevin is stuffing his face with a giant ice cream sundae and watching inappropriate television?

That is sort of how I’m doing the “sick day.” Only it’s more like eating nothing and online shopping.

I don’t have time to be sick and yet, here I am. Being sick anyway, and so I had an idea.

My kids are old enough that even though I still had to take them to school, and come home and walk the dogs and feed the dogs and swap the laundry and make myself some soup … they are gone for the next 7 hours and the house is all mine to all myself. So … I decided I’m gonna have myself a bonafide “man cold.” The kind where I lie in bed and moan about how awful I feel and do nothing at all but everything I want and feel like doing.

At four o’clock, though, the coach turns back into a pumpkin, my big comfy pjs turn back into “going out of the house clothes” and my “man cold” turns back into a “mom cold.”

Until then “Hey Germs! I’m eating nothing and shopping online! You’d better get out of here and stop me!”

**disclaimer: I have no idea if anything makes any sense. I am delirious due to fitful sleep and cold meds.**

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