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It’s called 14 Degrees, and every time I listen to it I cry. A lot. It’s a playlist my friends and I made together, on the road from Kansas City, Missouri to Manhattan, Kansas. We flew in from Florida the moment we found out our best friend’s husband was dying of cancer, and when we landed it was 14 degrees. And our life felt as frozen and cold as the weather that day, so we named the playlist 14 Degrees.

I have playlists for many things: races I’ve run, roadtrips I’ve taken, periods in my life when I need that extra boost music can give you in a way nothing else can.

I’m not saying anything original. I’m just here to drive home a fact so true and so strong it bears repeating over and over again for all time. Music is powerful. It can heal you, motivate you, inspire you, calm you down, amp you up, cement memories, impart wisdom, encourage you, make a moment more fun, make you dance, make you sing, make you cry, make you come alive. 

I’ve always been pretty intentional about music. I was the kid in the 80s with a shoebox full of mixed tapes before I was the young adult with a zip-up binder full of burned CDs. And now I’m the middle aged woman with a Spotify account chock full of custom playlists. 

Because my theme for September is “transition” a lot of songs on this month’s playlist are about that. I always encourage people to make their own. But feel free to stream mine if you find you like it. Just double click the pic below and give it a go. Whatever you do … don’t move through life silently. Live to a soundtrack. And do it on purpose. You experience moments more fully when you can sing about them.

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