Writing Letters (With, like, Pens and Paper and Stamps and Everything.)

Getting mail, these days, is a giant yawn right? It’s either junk or bills or some sort of administrative something that needs your attention right now or the world will fall away. Booo.

I’m trying to do my part to improve my people’s relationships with their mailboxes by writing letters and sending handwritten cards and I’m enjoying the whole process of it. Finding pretty stationery and minding my penmanship. It reminds me a little of my grandmother who valued her beautiful cards and always took great pride in her own neat handwriting, and that makes me feel a little closer to her in a way.

So much of history is documented in letters. Letters between world leaders, monarchs, authors, lovers, boys at war and pretty girls back home … a letter is special in a way an email or a text can never quite achieve. It leaves behind a legacy and history etched by your own hand in a way that’s unique to only you.

Do you have someone who would love to receive a letter from you? Try surprising them! It can be anything you want it to be. A handwritten note on a scrap piece of paper, a beautiful letter written on gorgeous hand crafted stationery and anything in between. You can sip a glass of wine or pour a cup of tea, turn on some lovely music and make a whole moment out of it. You’ll likely enjoy the process and the person on the other end will be so happy to open something that didn’t come from the latest political campaign or the electric company or that crazy envelope stuffed with all those coupons for obscure services you would only use if you were actively looking for them so theres no need to send adverts in the mail, really?

Anyway, the point is theres so much to say that’s said more elegantly in a letter. So go get in touch with that Victorian side of you and send a gorgeous letter to someone you love. Then tell them to keep it. You might be famous one day and that letter might need to be donated to the Smithsonian Museum or something.

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