You Must Wear Jeans Once a Week

I love dresses. I love them so much. Dresses (and shoes) are like pieces of artwork. And you get to borrow them for your body for a while and strut around like a walking exhibit.

But dresses will make you fat. Especially the comfortable ones. Something I’ve noticed over time is that if you wear a dress too many days in a row, you will not realize you’ve put on weight until you attempt to put on your jeans. Jeans will not forgive you for that chocolate cake you ate at ten o’clock last night.

But a dress will.

Jeans will slap you silly if you munch on potato chips. But a dress will go make you some dip to go with them.

So love your body. Wear jeans. At least a time or two a week. Because they love us toughly. And tough love is the real deal.

Dresses are deceiving little tarts.

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