Life with Brutus

Hiking in Cumbria, Lake District National Park

People. This Dog. First of all, heart is all kinds of wrapped around his … um … Tail? But let me tell you. He has kicked my butt up and down the street this week. Last weekend we decided to take him with us a on a family hike through the Lake District. It was a beautiful day. But much of the hike was very wet and even more of it was filled with sheep poop. (We live in England. I’m convinced the reason this island is so green is because it is covered in sheep poop.)

Brutus found that to be the most delightful part of the adventure. In fact, I’m not sure I even needed to bring him any snacks. Because he just snacked on sheep poop all day. We kept digging it out of his mouth and he kept right on eating it and that was Satuday. By Wednesday morning we were at the vet getting meds to clear up Brutus’s nasty gastrointestinal issue. It’s been so fun.

But it’s Friday and things seem to be on the mend on the around here. There’s no roundup this week because … well. Life with Brutus.

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