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Favorite Playlist: Medieval Ambient, on Spotify. I’ve been in my head a lot this week and so I’ve been listening to instrumental music that keeps me stimulated but not distracted. Although, every now and again I do look around to see if a Hobbit has stumbled into my living room.

Favorite Podcast: Stop Procrastinating on Rise with Rachel Hollis Podcast. Let’s just say my butt was a tinder box, and that episode on her podcast was a blowtorch.

Fiction I’m Currently Reading: Don Quixote, by Miguel Cervantes I’ve taken some time off from reading anything new in fiction because, truthfully, I’ve been a little too disappointed for a little too long. There doesn’t seem to be anything altogether fresh and exciting these days, so I’ve reverted back to the classics for a while.

Non-Fiction I’m Currently Reading: Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg I think I was the only woman in America who didn’t read this when it was first released, but I’m on it now!

Currently Watching: Stranger Things on Netflix Again, I’m way behind society when it comes to this phenomenon, but I’m catching up. I’m trying to keep myself from binging, but it’s tough!

Product I’m Loving: Les Mills On Demand OK. This is a gamer changer. When I was in my twenties I used to devour Les Mills classes at the gym. The workouts are not boring, the music is great, and the instructors are motivating. But trying to work around gym class schedules became really tough once I became a mom, so I’ve not been able to participate in these as much or as often as I liked. This app has changed the way I work out! I can do it from the privacy and comfort of my bedroom which makes it way harder to come up with an excuse not to do it. And the classes are exactly as I remembered them from the gym. Only better because now I get to tailor them to my own needs. Need a lower body workout? Yoga? Extra cardio? Shorter workout? You can find it all here and it will kick your butt in the best ways!

Favorite Memory: Going to Seaham Beach with my little family and taking Brutus to tea.

Life is good, and life is short. Focus on the good stuff.

be changed,


*** I am not affiliated with any of the products or productions listed here and do not receive any payment for recommendations and reviews. ***

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