Maybe it’s Time to Move Along

You guys, I’m sorry, but this has to be addressed. You know that phrase “don’t drink the Koolaid?” It refers to being brainwashed by other people’s bad ideas and wacky beliefs. Well, I’ll do you one better. 

When I saw this sign it immediately made think of a time I was having a chat with a friend, and she was telling me all about how she’d reached a point in her life where she had to make all new friends because her current friends contaminated her water supply, which was a bit more significant than just drinking the Koolaid because a water supply is a life or death issue. She didn’t go into much more detail than that, but when I saw this sign it brought all of that back and got me thinking. You don’t travel a great distance to get a drink of water, do you? No. You typically grab water right where you are. And if that water is contaminated with crap, you’ve got an environmental catastrophe on your hands.

We have a tendency to “keep” people. For the sake of nostalgia or the sake of sticktoitivness or the sake of just being too lazy or too scared to go out and find a new circle. But if you can’t drink the water where you are, then you have a survival issue.

We cannot thrive in environments with filthy water. We can only barely survive and only for a little while. So move along. Change your circle. Don’t be around people who allow your water source to become contaminated with their bad ideas, or negative comments or disbelief in what you can do. When people shout you down, put you down or hold you down, it’s because that’s where they want you. Down. And that’s one hundred percent of the time, because they, too, are down and they don’t like being there alone. Nothing is more uncomfortable to them than having to look UP at you. It gives them a kink in the neck. But there’s a solution that bodes well for everyone. Just move along. They don’t have to be uncomfortable looking up at you and you don’t have to be miserable being down with them. Don’t drink the water if it’s got crap in it. Fish crap. Animal crap. People crap. Friend crap. You can do better and probably just a little way up the road.

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